AGPI is a real estate agency located on the Saclay plateau

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AGPI is a real estate agency located on the Saclay plateau

AGPI is a digital real estate agency located on the Saclay plateau, a developing hub with the national project of GRAND PARIS-SACLAY, which aims to bring together research organizations, universities, private companies, and establish a scientific and technical center of international excellence. With the development of transportation, including an express bus line, electric bike networks, and the upcoming Line 18 of the metro connecting Orly airport (Val-de-Marne) to Versailles (Yvelines) via the Saclay plateau, the proximity to the Chevreuse valley makes it one of the areas in Île-de-France offering the most opportunities in the next 10 years in terms of employment, quality of life, and real estate investment.

Why Sell Your Property with AGPI?

When selling a property, whether it's your primary residence or an investment property, it's always a significant financial and emotional decision that requires good organization, diligence, and expertise in sales and legal matters. AGPI provides you with a real estate professional who specializes in the Saclay plateau and the Chevreuse valley to help you sell your house, apartment, or land with peace of mind. We accompany you at every stage of the sale to secure your transaction. We adapt our fees according to your project and needs. We promise to provide you with the best communication service to sell your property at the best price and within a reasonable selling timeframe.

- Estimation within 48 hours

- We offer a complete estimate report within 48 hours.

- Professional photography

- We promise to provide high-quality photos to showcase your property.

- Reasonable transaction fees

- Our fees are calculated based on your needs.

- Sales preparation

- We schedule an appointment with a diagnostician and verify the necessary documents to provide to your potential buyers.

- High-end online advertising

- We advertise your property on the largest public platforms.

- Exclusive previews

- Your property will be featured on the Seloger website.

- Social media advertising

- We use social media to increase the exposure of your property.

- Multi-agency synergy

- We increase your chances of selling by collaborating with other agencies.

- For sale sign

- One in three sales is made with the "For Sale" sign.

- Direct mailing

- We use local mailing to spread the word about your property.

- Buyer portfolio follow-up

- We use our experience and network to follow-up with potential buyers.

- Inter-company contacts

- We establish inter-company contacts to cater to the needs of new employees in the Saclay plateau.

- Personalized follow-up

- We provide phone and email reports and a monthly meeting to update you on the sale's progress.

- Financing verification

- Before presenting an offer, we verify the financing details of your potential buyers.

- Electronic signature of the sales agreement

- Save time by signing the sales agreement electronically.

- Accompaniment until the notary deed

- We provide complete support at every step of the sale.